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Ellon Now, Ellon New
Following on from the Charette that took place over a number of months, and meetings, earlier last year, we wanted to share the summary of the findings with you. The summary document is available via the link, but we have taken the opportunity to condense the document for you.
The Charette highlighted that Ellon is a great town but could be better. The key strengths identified were
• Attractive setting with semi-rural character
• Historic character and public spaces, lanes and wynds
• Interesting and distinctive retail businesses
• An attractive and manageable scale
To build on the strengths, there were four main themes identified from what you told us:
Promoting Ellon – this is to remind both local people and visitors of all the great things Ellon has to offer
Connecting Ellon – this is all about creating a welcoming town with good networks for walking, cycling and vehicles
Enriching Ellon’s Town Centre – this is about enhancing our already great offering to encourage bot new commercial and community led activities
Improving Ellon’s Public Spaces – this is about enhancing the offering of public spaces so that the community will continue to be proud to use them
For each of the themes there were a number of projects identified, these have been split into three categories, early wins, further projects and aspirational projects.
An early project would be a project that can be delivered relatively quickly, a further project would be a project which would take longer to organise and deliver and can start to be planned to take into account the timing of other factors such as the potential relocation of Council facilities, and the funding that can be secured, and an aspirational project would be a project which will take longer to deliver and would require further investigation looking at feasibility and funding.

Early Projects

Promoting Ellon
Produce an “Ellon Guide” detailing what the town centre already has to offer and inform people of the best ways of getting into the town centre and where parking is available. This would include at attractive map of the town.
Develop an “Ellon Card” to highlight specific promotional activity. The activity could be to visit, and purchase from, several participating retailers and service providers over a given time frame. Once your Ellon Card was complete, it would then be entered into a draw to win a prize. This obviously needs the support from retailers and services providers.

Connecting Ellon
Capitalise on the increasing mobile tourist traffic. To do this, there could be designated parking bays for overnight stays in several locations around the town centre. This would enable driver and passengers of the vehicle to take a walk into the town centre in an evening and use the facilities on offer.
Capitalise on the increasing number of electric vehicles on our roads. Look at providing fast charging points, which would mean the driver and passengers of the vehicle would be around the town centre for a minimum of 45 minutes. Drivers of electric vehicles plan their routes around the availability of charging stations, so this would enhance the offering in Ellon to encourage electric vehicle owners to vies Ellon as a destination of choice.

Enriching Ellon’s Town Centre
Utilising the spaces in and around the town centre to create events throughout the year. Inspired by Ellon’s island name, the themes could be Summer (or Autumn) on the Island. This would build on the work already being carried out by community groups who already deliver events, such as the pedal car race and the Christmas lights switch on. The events would be community driven and their purpose would be to generate activity, interest and fun in the town centre. The ideal scenario would be to create a programme of events that take place throughout the year which would showcase Ellon to residents and visitors.

Improving Ellon’s Public Spaces
To make an immediate impact on the visual appeal of Ellon, there could be a public art project that would aim to enhance the visual appeal of certain areas of the town, especially where there is currently vacant space or vacant shop fronts.

Further Projects
Promoting Ellon
To be determined as the process progresses.

Connecting Ellon
Ellon has such an abundance of natural assets close to the town centre that the feeling was to capitalise on these and create and active travel project, not only around the town centre, but to forge links with nearby communities to encourage our neighbours to visit Ellon.
A common theme throughout the Charette was that Bridge Street was not a welcoming place due to the traffic that flows along it, leading to people feeling vulnerable, especially, the young and more senior members of our community. A review of traffic flows was suggested to ensure that Ellon is a place that people want to spend time in.

Enriching Ellon’s Town Centre
As units become vacant, it is vital that Ellon can attract new businesses into the town centre. You told us you liked the independence of the town, that was what made it attractive, but you wanted quality retailers to take up space that becomes available.
Linking in with the early win projects, there was the appetite to develop and support the events and festivals that take place in Ellon throughout the year. The existing events are welcomed but there is a real need to give them further support to allow them to develop to their full potential in order to attract more support from the people of the town but also to attract more visitors.

Improving Ellon’s Public Spaces
Neil Ross Square is seen as the real hub of the town, but the feedback we received indicates that it could be so much more of an asset to the town. If the visual appeal and functionality of the square were improved, the belief is it could be the go-to place to meet friends and spend time there. The owners of Neil Ross Square have a golden opportunity to remodel their asset as Aberdeenshire Council vacate two large units on either side of the square. More work will be necessary in order to develop the ideas, conversations with the landlord, tenants and the local community, along with the relevant agencies need to take place so there is a clear understanding of what would be required and what can realistically be delivered.

Aspirational Projects
Promoting Ellon
Continuation and development of the Ellon Guide and Ellon Card, looking to expand on these to attract people into Ellon town centre.
Development of a brand identity for Ellon town centre.
Create a promotional campaign to promote Ellon to our neighbouring towns and visitors alike. Ellon has such a great offering of natural heritage, natural outdoor assets and a unique retail offering, that it would make sense to let people know Ellon is a place for the whole family to come and spend time in.

Connecting Ellon
Improvements to the signage and interpretation across the town centre, including parking locations.
Explore opportunities to develop shared fringe of town parking at busy time.
Enhancements to the “backlands” areas of passageways and parking in relation to physical connections and visual amenity.
Development of new types of visitor accommodation.
Potential changes to traffic management arrangements arising out of the proposed review of traffic flows.

Enriching Ellon’s Town Centre
Continuation of efforts to maintain a high quality and diverse set of retailers, especially when a number of units become vacant at one time.
As the Castle Gardens project continues to develop, ongoing support will be required.
Explore the development and attraction of family focused activities, such as indoor or outdoor play and associated facilities, to encourage families to think of Ellon as a destination they want to visit.
Development and attraction of youth facilities. Explore the potential to develop a cycling/skate park facility.
Enhancement and development of community focused facilities and activities. These could be for play, arts and crafts, performance and general community social space, both indoor and outdoor.
Continuation of support for the development of a vibrant events and festivals programme in Ellon.

Improving Ellon’s Public Spaces
Reorganisation of the Auld Square as a shared civic space, this could include traffic calming measures, reduced parking and more defined separation between road and public spaces.
Physical improvements to Bridge Street, this would be influenced by the outcome of the review of traffic flows and the potential enhancement of Neil Ross Square.
Maximise the potential of the river Ythan as a public space, this has the potential to link to other projects such as active travel ad play facilities etc.
Targeted lighting of significant buildings and spaces.
Continue to develop the public art activity